Five Podcasts for the News Junkie


I’m a news junkie. I love to keep informed about what is going on in the world around me. And that means all of it: news, politics, entertainment, sports, and pretty much anything else that has a headline. My two favorite ways to stay informed are via Flipboard for print stories and podcasts for audio stories. And, while I am still a huge fan of print journalism, I think that the audio journalism of podcasts really gives the best news analysis out there. Here then are my five favorite news podcasts:

1. Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie

Political Junkie is all about US political news. No national news, no international news (unless it impacts US politics), just news about the minefield that is US politics. Rudin has a tested expertise in politics, interesting guests, and plenty of listener interaction. Plus, he has the Scuttlebutton puzzle, which is pretty much the best weekly content around!

2. Slate’s Political Gabfest 

Political Gabfest is probably the best offering by Slate’s podcast library (sorry, The Gist). The podcast has three panelists who know their way around the battleground of news and politics. They will give you in-depth analysis, and then they will give you enough bickering about that analysis to fill you up until your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Left, Right, and Center 

Left, Right, and Center brings analysis and opinion from both sides of the political aisle. With Robert Scheer of Truthdig representing the left, and various pundits representing the right each week, and Matt Miller or, swoon, Mike Pesca moderating, the show has a little bit of everything for everyone.

4. The World Next Week

The World Next Week is perhaps one of the most in-depth world news podcasts out there. Actually, it is probably one of the best places anywhere to get world political news and analysis. Hosted by Robert McMahon and Jim Lindsay and distributed by the Council on Foreign Relations, this podcast is a must listen for anyone who wants quality and non biased information on current world events.

5. Common Sense

Dan Carlin, host of Common Sense and Hardcore History, brings something different to the world of politics and history. He comes at these subjects from a different angle than many of the political pundits that we hear everyday. And honestly, if more pundits came at these things from his much more realistic angle, we would probably be better off for it today. If you want to hear some intelligent and no-nonsense insights on politics, listen to Common Sense, and if you want some of the best retellings of history you will ever hear, listen to his other podcast: Hardcore History.

Podiobooks: Audio Books For The Podcast Fan


I’m an avid listener of podcasts. I have about 20 different ones in my podcast library at all times. They vary from interesting (Like Stuff You Should Know) to political (Political Junkie) to cultural (Pop Culture Happy Hour). The other day, though, I found a new type of Podcast — Podiobooks. They are a type of Audiobook that is done in serialized form. And they are awesome.

I’m currently listening to Scott Sigler’s Earthcore. Luckily, the entire series has already been published on the iTunes podcast store. That way, I don’t have to wait a week or more for the next chapter.