No More Writing Excuses


Here at the Bard, we try not to talk about writing too much. Yes, we are both writers, but we want the blog to be more inclusive than just writers talking about writing. Sometimes we like to talk about some pop culture, sometimes we like to talk about movies, sometimes we like to disagree on supreme court decisions. However, sometimes we just like to talk about writing. And, as we are both deep within process right now, we will probably talk about writing a bit more often than we have previously.

I’m currently waiting on edits for a first draft of one story and I’m in the process of world building for another story. I’ve been having a bit of difficulty with some of my writing as of late, so I decided to look for some writing podcasts in order to get some inspiration. Now, ZT already did a great blog on what writing podcasts you should listen to, but I found one more.

Writing Excuses is currently my favorite podcast to listen to. It’s a short (15 minute) podcast with four authors who talk about the pitfalls of writing, how to develop story, how to write characters, their own tricks for getting out of sticky situations, and much more. And, at the end of every show, they give their listeners writing prompts in order to help them get writing.

If you’re like me, and you are hitting a few walls in your writing process, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.