Music To Write To: Gone To Wonder Edition 3


Today’s MtWt is a song that routinely appears in the ‘soundtracks’ I assemble for my various projects. It is a song that resonates with me, clearly. From their albumĀ Ganging Up On The Sun, it’s Guster’s ‘Lightning Rod’.

Actually a lot of Guster songs end up on my playlists. Particularly, ‘Empire State’, ‘Hang On’, ‘Keep It Together’, ‘Come Downstairs And Say Hello’ (which was freaking incredible live with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra!), and ‘Architects and Engineers’. These songs line up with characters and themes in my works like few others can. ‘Lightning Rod’ feels like a very lonely song. It’s an odds-stacked-against-you, back-to-the-wall, facing-the-storm-alone moment that fits perfectly the journey of my main character, Wendy Danek.

Gone To Wonder Episode One: Absent Hero is coming soon. Later this week I hope to share the cover art. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes.