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Gone To Wonder 

by ZT Burian

In the middle of Denver lies the most extraordinary building on Earth: Finnegan’s Wonder. Inside, a theme park unlike any other, full of mechanical men, pirates, airplanes, and monsters. It’s a place that seventeen-year-old Wendy and her friends have dedicated their lives to experiencing and documenting. But when the visionary creator of the Wonder, Clayton Ferris, is usurped, the place Wendy loves so much is in jeopardy. It’s up to her and her friends to unravel secrets, brave out-of-control robots, and face down the richest man on the planet to save Finnegan’s Wonder.

Suspenseful, swashbuckling, and dramatic, Gone to Wonder is a journey that chronicles what happens when make-believe becomes real.

Five Stars on Amazon

“It served as a pretty good entry-point for all things steampunk. It was a nifty little adventure with a clear plot and cute characters, and the steampunkiness was incorporated in a very organic, understandable way. In other words, I understood the world without ever feeling like I was learning.”

Tim and the Breakup of Impending Doom

by Andrew Fortier

Tim’s life is over. Just not for the reasons he thinks. Long time girlfriend Sally has just called it quits, sending Tim into a depressed downward spiral. He doesn’t know it yet, but this is the least of his worries.

The breakup is just the beginning of the worst week of Tim’s life. And perhaps, the last.

Join Tim as he deals with his breakup, a hangover, and the end of the world in Tim and the Breakup of impending doom.

Four Stars on Amazon

“Very sweet story and exactly what it feels like during a break up. Nothing matters but the pain of losing the one you love.”


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