About the Bards



We are wordsmiths, spinners of yarns, creators of universes. We are two guys (with beards) who like to write stories. The kinds of stories that will take you to worlds not yet discovered. The kinds of stories that will introduce you to people you will love and hate. The kinds of stories that will entice you until the end and leave you asking for more.

We blog daily on topics that interest us, and we hope will also interest you.



meI’m interested in crafting the kind of epic, heart pounding, adventurous, weird, cool, insane, meta, emotional, jaw dropping stories that I enjoy reading and watching. I have a passion for theme parks, makers, science fiction, technology, science, music, psychology, and anything that combines them together. So it should be no wonder (pun intended!) that my first project for Bearded Bards will be Gone to Wonder, an episodic story set in the world’s greatest theme park. Stop by the Bearded Bards blog to get more information about the first episode, and lots more to come.

I tweet random stuff from @ZTBurian


photoI am a lover of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, and history. I devour stories, movies, and shows that both peak these interests. Stories that will keep me intensely occupied and leave me with a feeling of remorse and craving once they are done. I write stories that are acutely aware of these same interests. Story that spin tales thick with history, science, lore, and enjoyment. My current tale lacks a name, but is thick with time travel, history, and feuding inventors.

His newest work, Tim and the Breakup of Impending Doomcan now be found on Amazon for the low, low price of .99 cents.




Contact the Bards

What to drop us a line? Leave a comment anywhere on the blog, or email us at beardedbards(at)gmail(dot)com.

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