New Direction



We’ve decided to make some changes here at the Bard. Started with a new look (check out that fancy logo eh?) and a new color scheme, and it’s going to continue with a new posting schedule. We’ve tried, with varying degrees of success, to give you something to read every day, sometimes short, sometimes longer, always slightly… erratic.

But it hit us this weekend that we’re not really producing much unique content. Let’s face it, we’re newbies, our blog is small, our fan base is less a base and more a coffee table. Instead of trying to hit everyone with our version of click bait, we’re going to do what we like. That means we’re going full nerd.

We’ll be delivering a few of our normal fluff (Music To Write To, Three Things) on occasion, but that main change will be once a week, from either Andrew or I, you’ll be getting a longer post about our particular area of interest. I’ll be posting about tropes and Heroes Journey stuff as it relates to movies, books, video games, and (of course) theme parks. Andrew will be doing his comparative mythology thing. And we’ll both be podcasting! The plan right now is to work on a podcast a month, about the same things—tropes, mythology, and pop culture.

All this will start up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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