Three Things: Get Educated


This week for my Three Things I am going to share three completely unrelated things. Well, that’s not true. They are my favorite things in the world right now, and each one will get you educated about a different subject.

Going Deep with David Reese

First is Going Deep with David Reese. It’s a show by David Reese, author of How to Sharpen Pencils. In each show he takes something that you thought to be incredibly simple and breaks it down into it’s very complicated roots. Things like swatting a fly, making ice cubes, and digging a hole may seem easy, but wait until David Reese gets his hands on them. The episodes can be found on the National Georaphic channel or on Hulu.

United States of Secrets

Whether you think the leaks of classified information by Edwards Snowden were wrong or right, the new Frontline special, United States of Secrets, should be required viewing. They will break down exactly what was leaked, what it means, and how it effects everyone. If you don’t know enough about the NSA leaks, or if you know a whole lot about them and want to get even more informed, you should be watching this special. The two parts are both up on the Frontline website.

Humans Need Not Apply

The last entry this week comes from my favorite Youtuber, CGP Grey. The video describes how automation will soon change the way that work is done and the work that humans will do. Think that your job is safe from a bot? Think again. Grey outlines how each and every job is in the cross hairs of automation. An interesting video that will make you rethink just how worried you should be about the automation revolution.

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