Bearded Bards Charity Challenge




Sometimes you hit a lull. Sometimes procrastination takes over. ZT and I both realized this was happening to us after he sent me a text this morning. “How is IS?” He asked (IS being an abbreviation for Insular States, the current book I am working on). Well, Insular States is not going great. I am definitely not writing as much as I should be, in fact, I am almost at a complete stand still. My current average is sitting at zero words per hour.

So, in a way to motivate both myself and ZT to get working–me on Insular States and him on the second part of Gone to Wonder (have you read the first part? No? Well then you should probably take a moment to go over to Amazon and grab it up–it’s free if you have Amazon Unlimited!)–we have decided to begin a challenge. Our last challenge was the Steak Bet, where I did not end up getting a delicious steak. Sad Christmas . . .

This time around we have decided to do something a little more philanthropic. We will both start writing our first drafts, starting . . . now! The first person who gets done with their draft gets to pick a charity, and the person who finishes second will donate 25% of their profits from their book, to said charity, for a year. That’s right. 25% of profits, for a year. To charity.

The race is on. We’ll see who finishes first. Through the challenge we will keep you up to date on our progress, on which charity we choose to have the other donate their profits to, and maybe lay down a little smack talk while we’re at it *cough* I’m gonna wipe the floor with ZT *cough, cough*.

The challenge is on! Let’s see who gets to the finish line first!


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