Cutting the Cord


My cable bill was high. Too high. So I made a decision. I decided to cut the cord. Well, that’s not exactly true. I decided to cut my coaxial cord and go ahead and cancel my cable subscription. \

Getting into it I knew I would have a few problems. The first of which was missing out on Premier League soccer. I love watching Arsenal play. There are ways to watch the games, but all the legal ways are far too expensive. Okay, I could deal with it. There are always Twitter streams and live updates from websites.

The next problem is hockey, which I absolutely refuse to give up. The best bet for that looks like NHL Center Ice, but I will have to look into it further once the season starts. Center Ice does the annoying thing of blocking in-market games until a few days after they air. But, at the cost of getting rid of my cable bill, it may just be worth it.

TV has been the easiest item to do away with. Between Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube I have been able to get pretty much all the shows I want to watch. I lost Game of Thrones, but really I stopped watching that a few episodes into the fourth season because it got just too boring. With Netflix I can stream old shows and binge watch them all at once. With Hulu I can get my fix of the Daily Show and some surprisingly good documentaries. And, with Youtube I can get news and some channels that I enjoy watching. Plus, I can watch all of these on my TV by using my PS3.

I think the only thing that I miss is History Channel for Pawn Stars, because, like I said, it is one of my guilty pleasure TV shows. But overall, the transition has been easy. And, without TV always available it gives me more time to do things like read and write.

So how about you? Have you cut the cord? What do you use to watch TV or movies, or what have you replaced your TV watching time with?


Image by Jason Eppink and used under Creative Commons.

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