Music To Write To: Rip Tide


Vance Joy’s Rip Tide has been stuck in my head for the past few days. The song is catchy, entertaining, and has some pretty informing lyrics. However, what’s really got stuck in my head is the music video for the song. It has a great Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, Avant Garde mix. The images are haunting and pass by the screen in seconds, yet each scene tells it’s own story that adds to the entirety of the whole video. The music video for Rip Tide is what music videos, in my opinion, are meant to be. Not just a video of bands playing music and partying with people, but a short film set to a specific song. Check it out and let me know what you think. Is it as great as I think it is?

Looking for something else that is short yet entertaining? Check out my recent short story ebook, Tim and The Breakup of Impending Doom. It’s a story about a guy, Tim, who has just been through a recent breakup. Now he’s got a hangover, is missing his girl, and, oh, the world is about to end. Find it now, only at

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