Write On, You Crazy Writers


What are you writing?

All writers have projects that they are working on. Sometimes multiple at a time. Sometimes some of these projects don’t even involve writing.

I was just reading an article about George R.R. Martin and his words to angry fans about how quick his next Song of Ice and Fire book is coming along. A few fans (okay, probably more than a few) are complaining that R.R. has a life outside his writing. They want their new book! And, while it’s cool that these people would take ownership in the Song of Ice and Fire series, some of them are taking this ownership a little too far. Martin should have a life outside his writing, and he should be able to take on some side projects. Working on the same series at all time would drive him, and probably a whole lot of authors, insane.

That’s why we work on different projects at different times here at the Bearded Bards (ZT and I are both working on two projects at the moment). I just published my first short story on Amazon, Tim and the Breakup of Impending Doom (more info on that below), and I am working on some other stuff as well.

I have written and am in the middle of edits for my first draft of Marvin and the Time Traveling Toaster Machine. It is a story about a high schooler you finds a toaster that can travel through time and the shenanigans he gets into while he is chased through time by a disgruntled teacher.

At the same time I have started working on another piece called Insular States. This book series will be a post-apocalyptic story based on an Earth that has been ravaged by Climate Change. The story follows the protagonist, Ewan, a drug addict who must get a brilliant scientist across an ocean and to a secret project that could save the human race.

So, there it is. A writer can work on many things at once, and most writers do. We all have a great many ideas that kick around our heads. It’s all we can do to try and control them, and sometimes to control them we need to write them down. This is true of the self-published author and even big names like George R.R. Martin.

So how about you? What projects are you working on? Got anything good? Tell the world all about it in the comments below.

I published my first piece for Bearded Bards at Amazon on Sunday. It is a piece called Tim and the Breakup of Impending Doom.

It’s a short story, and I hope that you find it worth your time and money to pick it up. I enjoyed writing it, I love the premise, and I hope that you will enjoy it, too.

Here is the blurb from the Amazon page, just to help peak your interest.

“Tim’s life is over. Just not for the reasons he thinks. Long time girlfriend Sally has just called it quits, sending Tim into a depressed downward spiral. But this is the least of his worries.

The breakup is just the beginning of the worst week of Tim’s life. And perhaps, the last.

Join Tim as he deals with his breakup, a hangover, and the end of the world in Tim and the Breakup of impending doom.”


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