A Game to Get Excited For


Ever since I first played Freespace, I have been looking for a space-centric game to really get into. And sure, there are plenty of games that relate to space that I play. Halo, has some space scenes but you don’t really get to play in space. There’s Eve Online and Mass Effect, but neither of those titles has really ever interested me all that much.

I recently found a new game, though, called Deep Space Settlement. It’s an RTS game where you build a colony deep in space in order to collect resources. And it looks crazy good. I would spend some time trying to explain what it looks like, but how about you just check out this video.

Now that you’ve watched the video, go and preorder from their website. It’s an indie developer, and they are making what looks to be one badass game!


A quick plug: I have just published my first piece for the Bearded Bards on Amazon!

Here’s my blurb from Amazon:

“Tim’s life is over. Just not for the reasons he thinks. Long time girlfriend Sally has just called it quits, sending Tim into a depressed downward spiral. But this is the least of his worries.

The breakup is just the beginning of the worst week of Tim’s life. And perhaps, the last.

Join Tim as he deals with his breakup, a hangover, and the end of the world in Tim and the Breakup of impending doom.”

So, please, if you have the .99 cents to spare, go to Amazon and support the Bards by picking up this short story!

Thanks and have a great day!


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