Background Noise: Wheel of the Worst


If you’re like me, you like to have something on in the background. While I love to have some of my guilty pleasure shows on most of the time, sometimes I love to have something a little bit different playing. And one of the most different things on the internet has to be Red Letter Media. They are the guys who brought you the best Star Wars reviews of all time in the form of Mr. Plinkett.

What many people may not know is that these guys have a few other shows on their website and YouTube channel. One of these shows is called Best of the Worst. It’s a show where a few of the guys from the website have to sit around and watch three really bad movies. And I mean really bad. Then, they pick the best of the bunch — hence, best of the worst.

The guys at Red Letter Media really love movies, and Best of the Worst shows off just how much they love movies. Check out the show, and cringe and laugh at some really bad movies.

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