The Luckiest Writer in the World


By Jeremy Thompson[CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

How amazing is it to be J.K. Rowling?

Well sure, she’s a billionaire and probably the most successful author in history. But she’s got something a bit more than that. She’s got the opportunity to see her creation, the characters and settings and innumerable details, come to life. Literally.

Yeah, there’s eight movies (so far). Yes, millions around the world are devoted fans. But have you seen the pictures of the recent addition to Universal Studios, Diagon Alley? It’ll be a long while before I can get out there myself, but from the pictures, videos, and personal reactions, this sounds like the greatest themed environment in the world.

I’ve heard it said that themed environments are a second-rate experience, that the real thing is always better. But when there is no ‘real thing’ but what you can find in a book or in a movie, places like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter give us a chance to feel like imaginary things are a bit more than imaginary.

I can’t wait to visit.

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