Don’t Be Inspired, Just Write


There is always the question of what to write.

Even as I start on this blog post I am not sure what exactly I want to write. That is how I start with most of my writing. I come to a blank page with no idea of what I am going to write. Either that or I will come to the page with small idea of a starting point but no idea of where I will finish. Most rare for me is the development of an entire idea from start to finish before I come to the page. It happens, just not very often.

One thing I hear a lot of people say is that they need to have inspiration before they start writing. But let me tell you — inspiration is not a Writer’s friend.

Inspiration, the notion that ideas come to you from out of the blue, is an outright lie. Inspiration is just the accumulation of an idea. It is the point where an idea or series of ideas has festered in your mind long enough to come forward as something that needs to be written. But you know what? If you just keep writing, I mean write every day for an hour or so, you will find that your inspirations are really just ideas. They are just ideas that you didn’t take the time to write down when you first had them. There are so many things going through the human mind at one time that an idea can easily escape, twirl around for a while, and then reappear later on as what you think is a bout of inspiration.

This is also why I don’t believe people who say that they can only write when inspired. Remember, you are waiting for that idea to come back in the form of “inspiration”, and it may take days, weeks, years, before that idea will come back in any way shape or form.

Waiting for inspiration to hit is just a form of Writer’s Block. In fact, it is the worst kind of Writer’s Block because it is purposefully self-inflicted. Writer’s Block isn’t real, but at least people who say they have a case of Writer’s Block realize that there is something stopping them from writing. At least they can realize that there must be something they can do to stop the block and start writing again. However, with Inspiration, a writer is just waiting around or an idea to come.

Basically, a writer is refusing to do anything with an idea because the only time they can write is when they are inspired. They are saying, “Sure, I can write, but only under certain, pristine, conditions.” They are purposefully limiting themselves to a window when they can write, a window that may only come about every once in a blue moon and may not last longer than a few minutes.

If you claim to be a writer, then write. Do not wait for inspiration to move you into a condition where you will be able to write. Inspiration should not be a scape goat. Every idea, even at the very start, is a form of inspiration. Every idea should be documented (not in your head, but in written form) or acted upon.

Do not wait around for your ideas to fester into “inspiration.”

Instead, why not:

– Get a journal and write down your ideas as soon as they come.

– Spend an hour a day writing. Even writing junk will help to get your out and help you break through your misconception that you need “inspiration” to write.

– Don’t limit yourself to your “inspirations.” Even great stories can start out as small trivial ideas.

If you call yourself a writer, get out there and write. If you wait around for inspiration, you may end up waiting forever.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Inspired, Just Write

  1. I make it a policy never to “wait” for inspiration, but when I do find I’m inspired, I try to sit down and write immediately. However, if I sit down in front of the computer and “just write” without inspiration, and inspiration does not come along, I will not get as much down as when I am inspired.

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