Weekly Wrap-Up


Dancing Couple, Boardman Robinson, from the Met

Another week has come and gone, and the weekend is upon us. Here’s a few stories you might have missed this week:

George R.R. Martin is going to kill this guy

Someone donated enough money to a campaign sponsored by Martin to meet the highest reward level. That reward? Getting a character named after you written into the Song of Ice and Fire series. And then getting that character killed. We can only assume David Goldblatt will die in horrible agony.

Self-Publishing is blowing up right now

You know all them publishing houses and their dwindling sales numbers? Turns out, people aren’t buying that much less books, they’re just not buying as many from publishers. Or in print. According to this article from The Guardian, people in the UK bought 18 million self-published titles last year, a 76 percent increase. Well done, UK.

Speaking of publishing…

I’ve read a couple more interesting responses to the Hachette-Amazon thing this week, including this article from a PhD candidate. She makes a great point about the gate-keepers of literature and how they’ve historically controlled what’s been considered “serious art”. She also points out that newer generations of lit majors are writing dissertations on comic books and other things that Ruth Graham wouldn’t like. I had a professor in college, in fact, that was working on a dissertation and presentation on zombies. Yes, she was an awesome professor.

And finally

Round the Bearded Bards, things are in motion. I introduced my book series Gone To Wonder, Andrew is nearing completion of the first episode of his own series, and we’re getting even more projects lined up for your reading pleasure.

That’s it for this week, enjoy the respite. We’ll see you Monday.

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