Top Three Guilty Pleasure TV Shows


I’m the TV watcher, here at Bearded Bards. I like TV a lot, maybe sometimes too much. It can always be a great distraction, pulling me away from what I should really be doing. But, hey, it’s mindless entertainment and a way to pass the time. I’m really big on all the great television shows out there, Fargo, Game of Thrones, The Americans, and many others. But what I really like on TV is the not-so-great stuff. The shows that we all say we don’t watch but secretly do. In the spirit of honesty, here are my top three guilty pleasure TV shows. Don’t lie, I know you watch them, too.

Pawn Stars

It’s scripted. It’s not a real depiction of the pawn shop where they work. The four main characters (Rick, Big Hoss, Old Man, and Chumlee) never actually work there. But, despite all it’s faults, I still love watching Pawn Stars. There’s something about the way they interlace historical information that makes this show super entertaining. And, hey, it’s probably one of the most accurate things that History channel actually airs!

Comic Book Men

Another scripted show where people buy and sell stuff. Just like Pawn Stars, this show is probably entirely scripted. And, boy, can you tell. But it also has the great personality of Kevin Smith interwoven throughout, and it has some great information on all the things that nerds love. If you are a guy, like me, who reads a lot of comics, then this show may just be something you start watching late at night, under the covers, on your iPad.


We’re taking a complete 180 here. From the world of buying and selling rare items, here comes  a show about cooking. Just like the other two, it’s a bit scripted. But it also has some great chefs doing some amazing things with obscure foods. In the past, shows have given me great ideas for new cooking methods, and some great ideas for new meals.

2 thoughts on “Top Three Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

    • I agree that their interactions with one another aren’t scripted. But the transactions with customers most certainly are. I still enjoy the show overall, though. And I’ll have to put that podcast on my station list. Thanks!

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