YA Lit, Not Just For Kids Anymore



There is a whole lot of discrimination in people’s reading tastes. Those who enjoy a good space opera, a fantasy series, or some young adult literature are usually put into a secondary class compared to those who would rather read Joyce or Steinbeck.

Now, I’ll read some Joyce, too, but I’m a huge fan of genre fiction, and I don’t want to be judged for it. That’s why it’s refreshing to read an article like the one Alyssa Rosenberg wrote for the Washington Post. Especially after Slate’s disparaging view on the topic.

With The Fault in Our Stars releasing this weekend, and other YA Lit and genre fiction properties catching near everyone’s attention, it appears that a piece like this is well timed and well worth the read.<

3 thoughts on “YA Lit, Not Just For Kids Anymore

  1. I love YA Fiction. That’s probably why I also write it. I think there is so much to cover and explore and learn in YA Lit, whether reading or writing. Definitely loved the Fault in Our Stars; other favorites are White Oleander and Speak :-).

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