Comic Corner: Top Three Superman Comics


Do you love comics? I do! And why not? They are an amazing combination of two art forms. With fantastic illustrations and captivating stories, comics can trap the attention of both the young and old.

My favorite comic hero? Superman. Yeah, yeah, I know. Superman is a lousy super hero, you say. He’s super strong and can do whatever he wants, how boring. Not quite. If you are just looking at the super strength and flight and x-ray vision, you are missing a whole lot of what makes Superman an enjoyable and well developed character. Here I have three graphic novels that will show you Superman in a whole new light.


Superman: Birthright

Birthright is perhaps one of my favorite Superman stories. It’s an origin story that gives an in-depth treatment to the mythos behind Superman. It does more than just explain that he is a guy from another planet who is super-strong, it also takes time to explain what his motivations are and, more importantly, why he has those motivations. Some of the scenes from Birthright were used in the newest Superman movie, but don’t let that stop you from reading it. Mark Waid, the book’s writer, much like the rest of America, wasn’t much a fan of the new movie either.

Kingdom Come

Another work from Mark Waid. This story touches on the entirety of the DC universe, but it especially focuses on the DC trinity — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Years after the three have given up on the human race, they are once again called into action. This book has brilliant art work and a fantastic story. Well worth a thorough read through.

Superman: Red Son

A tale of alternative history, Red Son tells Superman’s story from the viewpoint that he landed in Soviet Ukraine instead of Kansas. The story is more than just a cool tale of an alternative DC universe. Red Son also visits the ideas of who Superman is, his importance to the people around him, and what motivates him to aid humanity and not just crash them under his thumb.

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