A New Kind Of Theme Park


I’m extremely interested in a story I came across the other day, about a new theme park being built it Utah. The catch? This one apparently is focusing on interactive storytelling.

Great minds think alike? One can only hope.

Sorry, I’ll have to explain that. My current writing project is about a very similar type of park, taking the idea of interactivity to an extreme level. I’ll have more about that in my Monday blog, but for now I just have three words: steampunk, Celtic, robots. Come back Monday for more…

About the park in Utah, it’s called Evermore Adventure Park, and has a Victorian England theme to it. I’ll be tracking it’s progress, because IT’S A LIVE ACTION CHOOSE-OWN-ADVENTURE. Yeah, I’m there. My only concern? The budget is way less than I would expect, knowing what Disney and Universal spend on their attractions. Click the link above to find out more.

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