Weekly Writer Wrap-up


It’s Friday, everybody! This means two things to us Bearded Bards: first, we get a two day break from posting blogs. Second, we get two days to pump out as many words as possible (more excitingly, the steak bet comes to its dramatic conclusion this weekend!). And, since it’s Friday, it’s time for the Weekly Writer Wrap-up — your one stop shop to get the most important writing related stories of the week!

Maya Angelou

The world this week lost one of its greatest american writers and poets. Maya Angelou, always a champion for equality and justice, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 86. Here is a great piece about the life and legacy of a great American. While not a direct influence on myself, she is still someone who deserves to be celebrated for her contributions to the literary field.

Amazon Vs. The World

Amazon is a bunch of jerks, at least according to Gizmodo. Amazon, who is currently in a heated battle with book publisher Hachette, has used some pretty iffy tactics in an attempt to crush the publishing powerhouse. If you think that Gizmodo’s treatment of Amazon is a little heavy handed on the anti-Amazon side (which it is), here is a more pro-Amazon story on the subject.

Reading: The Final Frontier

LaVar Burton wants to bring Reading Rainbow back — and in a big way. Through his Kickstarter campaign, Burton looks to bring Reading Rainbow to the web and to classrooms so that a whole new generation of kids can get lost in a book. With over $2 million pledged and nearly 60,000 backers the whole campaign looks to be a resounding success. Still, though, if you haven’t had a chance go check it out, and maybe make a donation while you are at it.

That’s it, the week in review. Now take some time out this weekend and get some words on the page.

Oh, and just in case you want the Reading Rainbow song stuck in your head, here you go:

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