Enemy, Thy Name is Grammar


Every writer should know there way around grammar. It is a cold hard fact of a writer’s life that they know how to use a comma, what makes a proper noun proper, and all the other ins and outs that make our written language flow. It’s also a cold hard fact that many self-published authors don’t take the time they need to go over their writing for proper grammar. In that spirit, I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favorite sources for all things grammar.

Adios, Strunk and White

Strunk and White is an outdated and overused piece of writing. It’s a pretty well known fact that the authors even break the same rules they list in the book, in the book. However, Adios, Strunk and White is an underutilized book that can help any author get their grammar under control. Even more, once you have your grammar under control, Adios, Strunk and White can help spice up your sentences and really make your writing pop.

Purdue Owl

When I worked at my college writing center the Purdue Owl was the go-to place for all my grammar needs. The site has a fairly comprehensive citation guide that many college students probably already know about. What’s less known are its useful grammar guides. Any author who needs to know how to use a semicolon, how to form a proper sentence, or what exactly an adverb is, would be well suited to use the Owl for their grammar needs.


Okay, you’ve got some resources and you’ve gotten some good editing done, what now? How about you take a break and enjoy a little essay all about grammar. David Foster Wallace’s Tense Present is the perfect way to blow off a little post-editing steam.


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