Streaming-Only Shows You Should Be Watching


It is no secret that places like Netflix and Hulu are trying to cash in by streaming movies and TV shows. What some people may not know, though, is that they are also making their own shows to stream in full season runs. I, like many others, am a subscriber to both Netflix and Hulu. And, like many others, I am a huge fan of the shows that both Netflix and Hulu are self-producing. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

House of Cards

Probably the flagship show for Netflix (along with Orange is the New Black). This show is full of political intrigue, sex, and violence — three things that can interest even the most causal of TV watchers. If you haven’t started watching it yet, I recommend you do.

Video Game High School

Probably one of the least known shows to be streaming on Netflix, Video Game High School has some great action and funny moments. The show is set in a universe where video games have taken the place of high school and professional sports. However, unlike many shows about professional and high school sports, Video Game High School does not take itself all too seriously. Video Game High School can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike.


Deadbeat is a newer show on Hulu, and it is also one of its few proprietary TV shows. If you liked Reaper (formerly shown on the CW), you will eat this show up. Deadbeat has quirky moments and a good amount of comedy (think Ghostbusters meets Pineapple Express). It’s the kind of show that you can binge watch in a day and not get tired of.


Spy is not 100% a streaming show, as it is also broadcast in Britain on Sky1. However, in the US, you can only watch the show on Hulu. Spy is a lot like Chuck, only a little less serious, and Spy stars a down on his luck British dad, instead of a down on his luck American nerd.

Arrested Development

While not the greatest season of Arrested Development (although it’s worst season is still years beyond the best season of most other TV shows) it was still nice to see the cult classic come back to the small screen. Arrested Development has always been a fan favorite and rides on waves of inside jokes and subtle (sometimes not so subtle) humor. The addition of a new AD season alone is a good reason to get a Netflix subscription, even if just for a month.

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