Music to Write to: “Midnight”


Don’t know bout other writers out there, but I find music is a useful tool in the writing process. Yes, it can be used to drone out other noise to help you focus, but I use it as a way to focus the piece I’m working on, too. If I want a scene to hit a specific tone, I’ll find a song or a whole playlist of songs to pair with that scene. Or sometimes, I’ll hear a song and the lyrics or sound may create a tone in my mind that leads to a narrative. With that in mind, I present Coldplay’s latest single “Midnight.”

When I listened to this the first time, I pictured a lighthugger drifting towards the Glitter Band over a pre-Melding Plague Yellowstone. Alastair Reynolds reference, FTW. Or a lonely driver in a dark, deserted city at night, looking for a light and a sign of life.

What do you see when you hear this? Any music you like to listen to while writing?

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